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Evolve is working to reform Proposition 13 so that commercial property pays its fair share, and funding is restored to schools and public services.


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Thank the Sponsors

Thank the Sponsors!

Help us show our appreciation to Senators Loni Hancock and Holly Mitchell, the sponsors of SCA 5, for their leadership on Prop. 13 reform!

By introducing SCA 5 in the California State Legislature, they have defied conventional wisdom by daring to touch the "third rail of California politics."  We need to show them that they have our support and that we admire them for making the tough political choices that are best for California.

Send a quick email to the senators thanking them for introducing SCA 5 and fighting to close the commercial property loophole in Prop. 13!  Below is a sample email to help you get started:

Subject: Thank you for your leadership!

Dear Senators Loni Hancock and Holly Mitchell,

Thank you for your leadership in closing the commercial property loophole in Prop. 13.  Funding for public education and services is one of my top priorities, which is why I truly appreciate your work behind SCA 5.  Reforming Prop. 13 takes the kind of political leadership that we need from our elected leaders.  Keep up the good work!


Email Addresses:

Loni Hancock:

Holly Mitchell: