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Evolve is working to reform Proposition 13 so that commercial property pays its fair share, and funding is restored to schools and public services.


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Staff and Board

Evolve Staff

Michael Bornstein

Executive Director

Michael has 25 years' experience in Bay Area politics. He started managing political campaigns with the California League of Conservation Voters, before becoming the Executive Director of the San Francisco Democratic Party and most recently the Senior Chapter Director at the Sierra Club Bay Chapter. Throughout his career Michael has led or worked on several dozens of election campaigns, dispatched thousands of volunteers, and made too many phone calls to count.


Ben Grieff

Campaign Director and Spokesperson

Ben graduated from Boston University in 2006 and began his organizing career right away by working to unionize healthcare workers in Massachusetts. Since then he has fundraised for various non-profit organizations, directed canvass operations and done electoral field organizing. Prior to working with Evolve Ben ran a telephone outreach project for the San Francisco Democratic Party and Labor Council during the fall 2010 election cycle. Aside from being a political junkie Ben enjoys hiking and wildlife photography.


Rachita Rawal

Campaign Organizer

Rachita graduated from UC Berkeley in May 2017 with a Political Science degree. It was here that she developed a passion for social justice and equality. During her experiences tutoring elementary students in Oakland, she saw first-hand that many students do not have access to a proper education because of systemic issues, especially students from low income minority communities. In pursuit of understanding the reasons behind these inequities at a deeper level, Rachita interned at Evolve during the summer of 2016. After graduation, she combined her passion for social justice with environmental justice by fundraising for Greenpeace across the Bay Area. Her motivation to get reform of Prop 13 on the ballot as soon as possible is what brought her back to Evolve. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music of contrasting genres, eating yummy vegetarian food (including ice cream), and visiting hipster coffee shops.  



Carly Schaaf

Campaign Organizer

Carly graduated from UC Berkeley in May 2016 where she studied Political Science and Sociology. While at UC Berkeley, she developed a passion for effecting positive social change, something she’s put into practice through her work on the 2016 Presidential Primaries, the 2016 Berkeley mayoral race, and then at a high-impact civil rights law firm. Her desire to reduce economic inequality and increase social mobility drove her to join Evolve in Fall 2017. In her spare time, Carly enjoys reading and talking about moral philosophy, being in the sun, and dancing to very loud music. 

Carly Schaaf.jpg

Daniel Hagen

Campaign Coordinator

Daniel is a South African high school teacher and graduate of the University of San Francisco's MA program in Educational Organization and Leadership. Having learned first hand just how critical an investment in public education is, he is passionate about being an advocate for children both within the classroom and beyond it in public life. In his spare time Daniel enjoys soccer, running, good wine, and anything written by Kurt Vonnegut.  


Alison Wuensch

Campaign Intern

Alison is in her senior year at the University of San Francisco where she is earning her BA in International Studies with a minor in Public Service and Community Engagement. She went to public school in St. Louis, Missouri, and her mother is an elementary-school teacher in the public school system in St. Louis county. This fueled her passion for educational justice from a young age, which grew stronger when she worked as a literacy tutor in the San Francisco Unified School District. She joined Evolve to fight for the educational funding all teachers and students deserve for the best educational experience possible. In her spare time, she enjoys good coffee, good books, and working with animals.


Nick Moore

Campaign Intern

Nick is a senior at UC Berkeley, where he is completing a Bachelor’s degree in political science. Growing up in the Bay Area, Nick has experienced the escalation of the region’s housing crisis firsthand. The constant presence of housing insecurity and lack of viable transportation options for his community motivated Nick to get involved in housing and transportation issues. After spending a summer in the State Capitol working for a local legislator on those very issues, he was ready to get involved at the grassroots level with an organization like Evolve. Outside of work, he enjoys exploring the Bay Area’s natural beauty and rooting for the local sports teams. 


Board of Directors

Anna Wagner

Anna is a graduate of the Greencorps Field School for Environmental Organizing. She has led environmental and public interest campaigns across the country. After settling in the Bay Area Anna managed the Sierra Club’s local environmental campaigns, winning campaigns to protect hillsides in Livermore and creating solar energy programs in San Francisco. Anna is currently a Senior Organizer with Greenpeace where she supports environmental campaigns across the globe.

Laura Hahn

Laura launched her career as a State Organizer for NARAL and has been active in public life ever since. Laura has led environmental campaigns as the Organizing Manger for the Bay Chapter Sierra Club, designed statewide electoral and media strategy with MSHC Partners, and worked on many San Francisco political campaigns. She is currently the Executive Director of the California Music and Culture Association and is active in San Francisco politics.

Emil Margolis

Emil began his involvement in social activism as an undergraduate student at the University of California at Santa Barbara and went on to volunteer on numerous anti-war and fair-pay/workers’ rights campaigns.  As lead organizer for Evolve's school board and city council resolution campaign, he was instrumental in crafting effective messaging and working with local elected officials to pass over 110 resolutions statewide in support of Prop.13 reform.  He currently works on providing technology skills-training opportunities for the long-term unemployed at Jewish Vocational Service in San Francisco.  He is also a composer.  More about him and his music may be found at

Sam Kippen

Sam started his career in fundraising at Evolve, organizing for better public education in California. Sam has interned with Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and the International Rescue Committee. He is a Senior Fellow at Humanity In Action, a cross-disciplinary program that links young social-justice advocates interested in minority issues. In 2014, Sam participated as a Witness at the First Stewards Symposium in Washington D.C., a conference that brings together Native groups from across the country to examine the effects of climate change on indigenous communities and coalesce thought on mitigating negative impacts.

Phil Layzer

Phil is a former organizer with the California League of Conservation Voters, with grassroots campaign experience in local, state, and national candidate races and initiatives.  In 2014, he built a coalition that successfully lobbied the Alameda Board of Education to pass Evolve’s Prop. 13 reform resolution.  He is also the parent of a grade-schooler in the Alameda School District.