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Evolve is working to reform Proposition 13 so that commercial property pays its fair share, and funding is restored to schools and public services.


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Prop. 5 Articles

No on Prop. 5 Articles:

Our view: Prop. 5 on November's ballot would entrench the worst parts of Prop. 13's legacy, San Francisco Business Times|10/18/18

“…Prop. 13 has metastasized into a monster. It drives inequality and pushes wealth upward, while it keeps local governments in a state of persistent poverty. Prop. 5 would amplify each of those ills.”

California’s Proposition 5: Just Another Dumb Giveaway to the Elderly Rich, Mother Jones|10/16/18

“Prop 5 is... another band-aid that keeps us from taking a serious look at Prop 13 and reforming it in the ways that are really needed.”

Did we learn anything from Proposition 13? Proposition 5 says no, LA Times|10/16/18

"Proposition 5 strips funding from state and local governments to subsidize the same fraction of homeowners who have enjoyed cheap property taxes for up to 40 years already."

Proposition 5 is a cynical, self-serving measure cooked up by the real estate industry. Vote no, LA Times|10/08/2018

“California is in the midst of a serious housing crisis, and the California Assn. of Realtors would like voters to believe Proposition 5 is part of the solution. But in fact it would create not a single new unit of housing. It is a false promise; it should be rejected.”

Editorial: No on Proposition 5, unfair real estate tax break, Santa Cruz Sentinel|10/06/2018

“In reality, Prop. 5 … [will hand] a huge tax break mostly to wealthy older Californians who have already enjoyed, in some cases, decades of lower property tax bills because of Prop. 13 while building up significant equity in their homes”

No on Prop 5: Property tax break goes too far, The Press Democrat|09/26/2018

“…This new tax break wouldn’t reduce the high cost of housing in California… It would come at a steep cost to cities, counties and, especially the schools”

Editorial: Proposition 5 would make California’s housing and inequality problems worse, San Francisco Chronicle|09/19/2018

“Younger counterparts in California, who would bear the brunt of service cuts under Prop. 5, increasingly find homeownership out of reach.There’s nothing in Prop. 5 that would alter this calculus”

Supporters say Proposition 5 would help California’s housing crisis. That’s a sham, The Sacramento Bee | 09/17/2018

"[Prop. 5] would make property taxes in California even less fair while devastating the budgets of local schools and governments. Voters should reject it.”

California Proposition 5: Property Tax Transfer Initiative, KALW|09/12/2018

“The nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office has estimated the change would eventually rise to cost local governments and schools $2 billion dollars annually over time.”

Editorial: Prop. 5 worsens already-broken state property tax system, The Mercury News|09/08/2018

"Prop. 5 expands a generous program that already perpetuates the inequities of Prop. 13. Our current system is broken. We should fix it rather than incrementally making it worse"