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Evolve is working to reform Proposition 13 so that commercial property pays its fair share, and funding is restored to schools and public services.


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No on Prop. 5

No on Proposition 5

Don’t be Fooled by the Deceptive Real Estate Industry Initiative

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The California Association of Realtors is spending millions to pass a cynical initiative that puts their corporate profits over our local communities. Prop. 5 will give wealthy long-term homeowners a new tax break that will cut $2 billion a year from our schools and community services. It will also drive up the cost of housing, making things harder for first-time homebuyers, at-risk seniors, and renters who are already struggling with the California housing crisis.

Prop. 5 Harms:

  • STUDENTS by defunding our schools

  • FAMILIES by increasing the cost of housing

  • SENIORS by cutting vital community programs

  • EVERYONE by reducing funding for emergency services

Prop. 5 Defunds Our Schools

California schools are already ranked 41st in the nation in per-pupil funding and have the largest class sizes in the nation. Prop. 5 will harm our children by cutting $1 billion a year from our local schools.

Our kids are our future. After decades of defunding our schools we should be prioritizing our future over real estate industry profits
— Ben Grieff, Evolve California Campaign Director

Prop. 5 Will Increase the Cost of Housing

Families, first time home buyers, and renters are already struggling with the high cost of housing in California. Prop 5 does nothing to address the housing crisis.  

What’s clear is that many of those who do downsize would add to the competition for a short supply of more-affordable smaller homes, squeezing out first-time buyers. This isn’t a solution to our housing crisis. In fact, it might make it worse.
— San Jose Mercury News, Editorial Board
California Legislative Analysts Office

California Legislative Analysts Office

Prop. 5 Takes Money from Senior Services

California’s senior poverty rate is already the second-highest in the nation with the number of seniors living in poverty doubling in the last 10 years.

This deceptive initiative will hurt millions of California seniors who spend so much on rent that they can’t afford needed medication or healthy food.
— Helen Hutchison, California League of Women Voters President

Prop. 5 Cuts Funding for Emergency Services

Wildfires are a growing threat to everyone in California. Prop. 5 will further cut funding for our firefighters and emergency services, who are already hit hard by budget cuts.  

Climate disasters are a reality that we confront every day. To protect Californians and the climate, our local and state response network needs more resources in place to keep small fires from becoming environmental disasters.
— Lou Paulson, California Professional Firefighters President
SF Weekly

SF Weekly