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Evolve is working to reform Proposition 13 so that commercial property pays its fair share, and funding is restored to schools and public services.


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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor are a great way to focus attention on the need for Prop. 13 reform.  Getting LTEs published shows the public that this reform will generate over $11 billion each year for schools and public services without raising taxes on homeowners or renters.  Below is the list of LTEs that have been published in support of making large corporations pay their fair share.

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Recently Published

Proposition 13

Jennifer Ayala - The Sacramento Bee, 04/25/19

“Hundreds of teachers at Sacramento City Unified walk out on one-day strike”(, April 11): The Sacramento City Unified School District has struggled to financially support their schools and, although it has mismanaged funds, it wouldn’t be facing a budget crunch in the first place if schools were adequately funded. The recent teacher strikes in Sacramento and in other cities across the state highlight the need for more education funding in California. The state was once among the top 10 in per-pupil spending, but shamefully now ranks close to last. The lack of funds for our schools points to one long-term solution: reforming Proposition 13. The Schools and Communities First Initiative will reform Prop. 13 by creating a split-roll tax, which will keep protections for homeowners but make corporations pay their fair share in property taxes. If passed in 2020, this will restore over $11 billion to California’s schools and public services. It’s finally time to prioritize our schools. California’s teachers and students deserve better!

Measure aims to reform Prop. 13, not abolish it

Tyler Gazzaniga - Redlands Daily Facts, 04/18/19

Re “Is California really a low property tax state?” (Opinion, April 14): Jon Coupal argues that changing Proposition 13 will hurt homeowners the most, notably stating that, “Prior to Proposition 13, the average property tax rate in California was about 2.6 percent … imagine what California homeowners would be paying now at that rate applied to current values.”

This argument is completely irrelevant because the measure on the 2020 ballot aims to reform Prop. 13, not abolish it.

The initiative to reform Prop. 13 is structured to ensure that homeowners will keep their protections; it will only affect corporations that have avoided paying a fair tax rate for 40-plus years.

Coupal resorts to using cheap scare tactics to mislead hardworking homeowners who continue to shoulder the property tax burden so that large corporations can keep their annual $11 billion tax break.

Our schools and communities deserve better. And in 2020, we can make a change.

Time to reform Prop. 13

Rachita Rawal - Orange County Register, 03/21/19

I am a millennial from O.C. and strongly disagree with the article. I understand that Proposition 13 allows older Californians, including my parents, to stay in their homes. But reforming Prop. 13 so that commercial property owners pay property taxes at fair market value is just commonsense. The authors of this piece falsely claim that changing Prop. 13 for commercial properties will lead to increased costs for goods and services.

They forget that we live in a competitive free market economy that determines the price of things. Disneyland has been getting a huge Prop. 13 tax break for 40 years but ticket prices have still gone up from $29 (adjusted for inflation) to $117.Furthermore, most businesses are already paying market value property taxes.

According to a report from University of Southern California researchers, just 8 percent of commercial property owners are getting nearly 80 percent of the property tax savings from this corporate loophole in Prop. 13. Reassessing commercial property at market value will bring California on par with the how the rest of the country taxes commercial property, while also restoring critical funding to our schools and local communities.

As a millennial, I am ready to reform Prop. 13 for me and future generations.

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