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Evolve is working to reform Proposition 13 so that commercial property pays its fair share, and funding is restored to schools and public services.


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Jarvis Initiative

Protect Our Schools and Public Services: 
Stop the Jarvis Initiative

Wealthy landowners and corporate interests are proposing changes to Proposition 13 which will cost our schools and public services billions of dollars of desperately needed funding. The proposed initiative would allow longtime homeowners, who already benefit the most from Prop. 13, to avoid paying market value property taxes when they buy a new home. The proponents of this measure claim that this will address the housing crisis and make it easier for first-time home buyers. In fact, it will make the housing crisis worse. 

The latest proposals would offer little direct benefit to Californians navigating the state’s housing affordability crisis. It excludes first-time homebuyers, who lack equity and often have trouble coming up with a down payment. Nor would it directly help residents of the more than 6 million renter-occupied housing units.
— The Sacramento Bee, 09/28/17

Here's why this ill-conceived Howard Jarvis Taxpayer's Association proposal is both misleading and bad for California:

  • It will mostly benefit a handful of longtime homeowners while worsening the affordable housing crisis by making it harder for first time home-buyers.
  • The proposed initiative will cost schools and public services billions of dollars of critical funding. This will result in higher taxes and fees for everyone else.
  • This is clearly a cynical attempt to distract voters from needed property tax reforms. The real change we need is making large corporations who pocket over $9 billion a year because of Prop. 13 pay their fair share. 
  • California schools are already ranked 44th nationwide in per-pupil funding and 50th for the largest classroom sizes in the nation. The cynical and harmful Jarvis initiative will leave our schools with even less funding and do nothing to solve our state's housing crisis.

To find out more about this proposal and its impact on housing and local revenue, read more about it below:

Sign the pledge to stop the Jarvis initiative and protect our schools and public services!

This deceptive initiative will divert billions of dollars from our schools and public services. I will not sign any petitions that will qualify this harmful and misleading initiative for the ballot. I will also alert and educate my friends and neighbors about this proposal.

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