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Evolve is working to reform Proposition 13 so that commercial property pays its fair share, and funding is restored to schools and public services.


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About Us

About Us

Evolve is a non-partisan, 501c(4) nonprofit founded in 2011. We believe that the most effective way to counter the corrupting power of money in politics is a long-term commitment to ground-up, grassroots organizing. We focus on issues that bring together middle class swing voters and the left-of-center base. We are 100% funded by individual donations from our 13,000 members from across California.

We believe in the power of one person talking to another. Our ground-up approach focuses on local organizing as the foundation of a larger grassroots network. By organizing the hundreds of local communities that make up California, we have built a grassroots network that includes thousands of elected officials, community leaders, and activists in every part of the state.

The recent elections have exposed a growing resentment from voters frustrated with a political establishment that is almost exclusively focused on partisan politics. Large political donors have compromised the accountability of our elected officials and hijacked the political discourse with wedge issues and fear-mongering. This has divided the country, alienated voters, and led to gridlock in the legislative process. Our long-term commitment to grassroots organizing is providing an alternative for people frustrated by the status quo. By advocating for commonsense solutions to problems that affect a vast majority of Californians, we are engaging more individuals in the political process and bringing about positive change.

Mission Statement:

Evolve organizes high-impact grassroots campaigns to benefit all Californians.