Reform Prop. 13 Now!

To Governor Brown and the California State Legislature:

California is ranked 49th in the country in per-pupil education funding. While our schools are drastically underfunded, we allow Chevron to save a billion dollars every year in property taxes. This is unfair. We must generate more revenue for our schools, and the best and fairest way to do that is by reforming the commercial side of Prop 13. 

Reforming Prop 13 to regularly reassess commercial properties will:

  • Generate billions in desperately needed funding for education and public services
  • Shift our focus from temporary revenue measures to sustainable solutions
  • Make our tax system work for people, not just big corporations

I urge you to support a bill to reform Prop 13 and make large corporations pay their fair share of property taxes.


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Proposition 13

Proposition 13 was passed in 1978 to protect homeowners. Unfortunately, Prop. 13 created massive loopholes for corporations, allowing them to avoid paying fair property taxes even when their properties change hands. This large corporate giveaway hurts homeowners, students, and all Californians. We need to close the loophole and make corporations pay their fair share. According to the Legislative Analyst's Office, requiring corporations to pay property taxes based on the current value of their properties would generate at least $6 billion each year for California, including $2.5 billion per year for education.

City Council
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Prop. 13 Prop. 13 has decimated funding for local public safety and critical services. City Councils are telling Sacramento that Prop. 13 must be reformed. Join the movement and pass a resolution today!
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Send a letter Prop. 13 has decimated education funding. School Boards across California are telling Sacramento that Prop. 13 must be reformed. Join the movement and pass a resolution today!
Sign the Prop. 13 Reform Petition Image California ranks 49th in the nation in per-pupil funding and has the largest class sizes in the nation. While our school system crumbles the world’s richest corporations pay pennies in property taxes.
Volunteer to Reform Prop. 13 Volunteer We know corporations will spend whatever it takes to keep their ridiculous tax breaks. We also know that if we can show enough support, we can finally get this done. Sign up to volunteer now.