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Evolve is working to reform Proposition 13 so that commercial property pays its fair share, and funding is restored to schools and public services.


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Your Donation Keeps Us In Action

Because of Evolve's grassroots organizing:

  • Prop.13 reform has gone from being the “third rail” of California politics to a viable policy option. 
  • Over 115 county boards, city councils, and school boards around the state have taken action demanding re-investment in our schools and public services. 
  • Nearly 1,300 elected officials have now gone on the record supporting Prop.13 reform.
  • Legislation has been introduced in the State Senate calling for real Prop.13 reform for the first time ever. 

Now is the time to get involved.

Evolve is 100% membership-funded. Your contribution allows us to continue this critical campaign.